duminică, 17 martie 2013

Paper strips storage.

     The time to show you the way I keep stored my quilling paper strips came now. I initially started with 32 colours A4 paper size, 120 g/sqm so I made my storage stand according to this number of colours and by the time passing the needs for extracolours increased but unfortunately so far I did not extended as well with another stand for the over 40 colours I am using right now.
     I keeped at home some 25x25 cm, 3 mm linden plywood for fretwork for some other purposes and I thought that, one of these will be the right choice for my stand. After the measurements I decided to use both sides of it, making 16 separations on one side and another 16 on the other side. I cuted some 5x2x10 mm
wood moldings from 5x2x300 mm (96 pieces), I meassured 3 rows on each side of the linden plywood for fretwork, placing a small piece with the 2mm side at 15 mm distance on each row and I glued them in the position, then, on top of those I placed all way long a wood molding. I followed the same steps on the other side of the linden plywood for fretwork. On the bottom side of the stand, I applied on each side another 5x2 wood molding to prevent the paper strips fall out. In each compartment can be stored 3 to 5 mm wide strips comming from an A4 paper size, 120 g/sqm so, each time I cut a paper there will be enough space to store all the strips in one compartment. 
     After I filled up the stand with all 32 colours of paper strips I had, the next step was to mark each colour location on the bottom molding, with 3x15 mm paper strip to have allways a clear view of the colours order and there position. 
     And that is it!

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  1. nice creation!!!,my storage is simple I use large freezer bags, I have lots of paper cut as I quill all the time, so I wrap each bundle with wide strip of paper and tape it, then them in freezer bags then all put in a plastic bin!

  2. Thank you Paula, this was the solution I found in that time and so far is ok, thank you Again!


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