vineri, 15 februarie 2013

Another minidiorama

     As I am creating a large pallete of handmade products, not only quilling, from time to time I will post some nonquilling objects.
     I would like to present to you another minidiorama I've made last summer. The dimmensions it has are as follow: base: 10 by 10 cm, height 10 cm. The base is made of balsa wood. On top of it I applied plaster and I made the terraforming (prepreared the surface to place elements like constructions, rivers, forests, mounds, bumps), then I applied the soil colour followed by making the pathways with sand then the construction (a small house) foundation made by natural small river stones linked with a paste made from glue mixed with plaster. On top of the foundation I placed the bamboo construction which I made it separately, then I made the roof from carboard covered with red paper strips (160 g/sq m) with one side straight and the other cutted  in zigzag, placing them to imitate the roof tiles then I sprayed them with a vernice for paper to protect it.. The next was the fountain, following the same steps as before. Then I made all place looks old, I positioned the trees (which were bought this time-they are more resistent then the ones I've made), place the other kind of vegetation (there is some special foliage). The last was the fence made from wood. In a corner I tried to make the fence looks broken. 
     Enjoy it!

sâmbătă, 9 februarie 2013

Quilling walls set

     Let's go back to the quilling walls I made last summer, between some greeting cards, to avoid getting bored of making the same things for so long. The idea was to make couple of quilling walls, all with the same dimmensions and frame colour, containing summer flowers assorted with some butterflies on each of them. I made a number of seven and I want to let you enjoy them.