vineri, 15 februarie 2013

Another minidiorama

     As I am creating a large pallete of handmade products, not only quilling, from time to time I will post some nonquilling objects.
     I would like to present to you another minidiorama I've made last summer. The dimmensions it has are as follow: base: 10 by 10 cm, height 10 cm. The base is made of balsa wood. On top of it I applied plaster and I made the terraforming (prepreared the surface to place elements like constructions, rivers, forests, mounds, bumps), then I applied the soil colour followed by making the pathways with sand then the construction (a small house) foundation made by natural small river stones linked with a paste made from glue mixed with plaster. On top of the foundation I placed the bamboo construction which I made it separately, then I made the roof from carboard covered with red paper strips (160 g/sq m) with one side straight and the other cutted  in zigzag, placing them to imitate the roof tiles then I sprayed them with a vernice for paper to protect it.. The next was the fountain, following the same steps as before. Then I made all place looks old, I positioned the trees (which were bought this time-they are more resistent then the ones I've made), place the other kind of vegetation (there is some special foliage). The last was the fence made from wood. In a corner I tried to make the fence looks broken. 
     Enjoy it!

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  1. Чудесна работа!Много красиво и истинско!Браво за идеята и начина на изработка!Поздрави!

  2. много благодаря Нели!

  3. wow this is really gorgeous, love all the details !!!!


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