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Electric quilling tool tutorial

     As I promissed to you I will make a description, following all the steps I've done to build the electric quilling tool.
     The purpose of this tool was to be as cheeper as possible, easy to use and to increase the quality and the speed of my work. There was a possibility to convert a rotary tool, with adjustable speed but for me was not a good idea becouse the switch was not in a confortable position for me (usualy is like that on all the rotary tools, they have another purpose, should be kept in a different way), was not the way that I planned to be so I quit very fast this way. The best way was to use some things I already have at home to start a new project to create a new specialized tool for my quilling. According to what I said in the previous sentence, I've search inside my house, all around my stuff to find something can be used and I found as follow:
     - a motor (can be one from an electronic device out of use, a CD drive, a cassete recorder, or else). The one in the picture is not the same I used but is just to show you what kind it can be. The most important thing is that the motor should be functional, in good shape. The one I have used is 2 cm in diameter and 3 cm in longness, powered by direct curent 5 Volts.

     - the next important thing afer I found the motor was to find a way to suply it and this charger (5 volts DC) was the perfect choice, I test it and everything was OK.

     - an empty glue tube (must have an apropriate diameter with the motor, I was lucky to find this, the motor fitted perfect inside the tube). Another important thing is that the tube will become a tool so must be confortable to be kept in the hands. The tube was cutted on the cover side, aproximately at the level of the cover, before the diameter starts to shrink  to make place for the motor which will be introduced inside it from here to the other end (left side in the picture, like bottom of the tube) where I made a hole to give the motor axis the chance to come out, then I wash it very very well to remove any stains of the glue was inside.

     - some wires to make the links between the parts (motor, switch, charger)

     - the switch, must be easy to use, the need was for a one just to be pressed with the finger very thin then released to stop. The perfect one was inside a mouse out of use.

     - I marked with an arrow one of the switches from the mouse wiring board, there were three of them, the one I removed was on the left side of the one I marked, the same type, small, thinn, as I wanted it.

     - the nezt step was the wiring, shoul be connected all the electric parts (motor, switch, charger) using soldering gun, mounting the switch on the exterior of the tube in a confortable position.
     Very important when wiring should be checked the proper way of rotation of the axis in order to make the paper coils in the same was as with the pin.
     - conect a plastic pin on the axis outside the tube and... here is the tool.

     - but... there was one more thing, there was no way to catch the paper strip before  coil it, so there was an easy task using a

     - saw for fretwork with a fine bamd.

     - is not perfect cut but the channel is ok.
This is not an extraordinary tool, is just an improvisation, a handmade/homemade tool used to make another handmade products.
     Making this tool was to demonstrate that we do not need always to have factory products as our tools or to order some expensive ones, if we have the skill we can make one. I use to make a lot of things at home which make our life easyer and more bautifull.
     I hope you enjoy this story and, who knows, someday you can have a similar one build it by yourself.

Thank you for the patience to read all the stuff here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think that now everyone of us would like to try! This makes the job easier. I wish you a happy and successful use of the tool.

  2. You are wellcome, I hope you will succeed to have one as well. Thank you!

  3. Thanks a lot for all the good advice. You are a very resourceful person!


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