joi, 17 aprilie 2014

Circles-four colors challenge entry.

     I design this quilling frame especially to be submitted to the Four colors quilling challenge on The Quilling Guild. There are interfered circles, four sizes each one with a different thickness and tight coils in two sizes arranged in an original pattern design by myself and, of course I've been using only four colors: white, yellow, green and pink. I used 3 mm wide paper strips only.
     The size of it is 11.5 cm by 16.5 cm.

vineri, 21 martie 2014

Quilling wall using 'new but old' Pixie-Hood Looping technique.

     I've been working in the last two days making some flowers using the new discovered quilling technique distinguished as being used on an 18 th century artifact, technique named by the Guild's Vice-Chairman, Jane Jenkins, as 'Pixie-Hood Looping'.
     Pixie-Hood Looping involves looping a paper strip in a single-twisted fashion on its flat side rather than its edge, creating a hood-like shape that lends itself readily to the creation of flower petals, star segments and many other creative applications.
     You can find more informations about this on Jane Jenkins' blog at: or on The Quilling Guild.
     After I've played for a while making some leaves and flowers I decided to incorporate them in a frame representing a pot with flowers 12 by 17 cm.
     I'll let you enjoy the pics. 


marți, 11 martie 2014

Quilled roses bracelets.

     Some time ago I've tried to give a new purpose to the quilled roses army so, I decided to make some bracelets. First step was to make a paper mount at the bottom of each rose in order to insert later the metallic rings used to link the roses between each other. I've used locking system with carabiner.
     Let's enjoy the pictures.

luni, 24 februarie 2014

Presents for Woman's Day.

     Long time no see. I've been busy again with the presents for the 1 st and 8 th of March and with some other staff and projects. This year I've made some new models, I tried to combine some techniques (quilling and nonquilling) so I won't speak to muck just post the pics for you.