sâmbătă, 26 aprilie 2014

The third quilling Easter egg.

     Early this spring I start making a new quilled Easter egg but, as it was not enough time available  I just finished it couple a days ago, a bit late after Easter passed and somebody put pressure on me (LOL) to post it now, so I don't want to die or to be injured, and here it is.
     This time I made a paper egg using 3 mm wide white paper strips (around 60 length of an A4, 30 for each half.). First came a tight coil made of 30 strips, glued the end an using a wooden egg mold (6 cm tall, 4 cm in diameter) I made the first half glued it inside to give it some strength the I made the second one following the same steps. After dried I put the together then I start making the flowers an place them on the egg surface. Then, on the bottom part of the egg, I made three different kind of leaves in order to complete covering the surface.
      In the end I sprayed it with transparent mate varnish which gives some white stains (this time I used a different one that seems is not adequate for such material like paper).
     This is the result.

joi, 17 aprilie 2014

Circles-four colors challenge entry.

     I design this quilling frame especially to be submitted to the Four colors quilling challenge on The Quilling Guild. There are interfered circles, four sizes each one with a different thickness and tight coils in two sizes arranged in an original pattern design by myself and, of course I've been using only four colors: white, yellow, green and pink. I used 3 mm wide paper strips only.
     The size of it is 11.5 cm by 16.5 cm.