luni, 29 iulie 2013

Fridge magnets.

     I thought that will be a good idea to start making some fridge magnets, I've got the proper materials at home, the design was ready so... . I used some 3 to 4 cm in diameter woodchips I bought some time ago for another purposes and I decided should be nice to make my quilling on top of them, with leaves and roses and have the magnet behind. Look at the result! Hope you like it.

miercuri, 24 iulie 2013

Medium size quilled hexagonal jewelry box

     I came with another jewelry box, the same shape as the previous one, a little bit bigger with inner dimeter  of 9 cm, outside 10 cm and 7 cm in height. The steps I've followed are the same like at the previous one.
     Enjoy the pictures!

duminică, 21 iulie 2013

Small size hexagonal quilled jewelry box.

     Hello again, in this period I've focused my attention over the jewelry boxes, so, I have another one ready. There is about a pressboard hexagonal box, small size with inner diameter 7 cm, exterior 8 cm, height: 5,5 cm, completely "dressed" in paper. For outside I've used 3 mm wide paperstrips to create an alternance of colours, ytellow and red. I decorated the front part and the top of the cover with some quilling items like small roses and some comb technique made items in order to give a  nice view overall.
     Le's see the pictures!

vineri, 19 iulie 2013

Quilled wooden jewelry box.

     I came back with some new products, today I will present you a small wooden box which I quilled it. First of all the box was cleaned up from the chips and other imperfections, then it was smoothed with sandpaper in order to have plane surfaces to work on. Second stage was the painting, I've used some acrylic, yellow colour, twice, inside and outside, let it dry then start quilling over it using 3 mm wide paperstrips. The final operation after the last check was to cover everything with varnish for better protection and as well to increase the usability of the product.
     The box dimensions inside are: length: 6 cm, width: 3 cm, height: 3 cm.
                                    outside:    length: 7.5 cm, width: 5 cm, height: 4.5 cm. 
     I'll let you see the pictures.