luni, 25 martie 2013

Handmade tool... , for handmade products.

     Today I was playing with a piece of cardboard and suddenly I had a revelation, I've seen a quilling comb so I start to put in practice this simple introducing bamboo sticks into the cardboard, cutting them at the same level (even I didn't glued them), make some reinforcements on each side using the same cardboard, and that's it, I have a quilling comb without any investment, just using some stuff I had around.
     After that I started testing my new tool by practicing some different shapes like in the picture below.

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  1. hey, I love quilling and these look beautiful!! I actually have a comb and I was wondering if you have a tutorial to follow to make the petals in the picture? im new to quilling, there is so much ive never tried, I have done it befor but its mostly patterns im still learning to use the comb...been using my fingers or toothpicks...


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