marți, 31 decembrie 2013


     Thank you all for being close in 2013, I wish you all the best for the new year coming, let 2014 be the best year for all of you, full of joy, with good health, with new and extraordinary ideas, surrounded by love, nice people, and with your souls guided by the light coming from above us. Happy new year, happy 2014!

vineri, 13 decembrie 2013

Christmas ornaments & decorations - Christmas tree quilled stars.

     We are still in the season so this time I came with some beautiful and colorful quilled 9 cm wide stars, made using three techniques combination, comb technique, classic quilling using closed loose coils (marquise shape used in this case as a linking element for the star corners) and fringing technique for the center of their central element which is in double to cover each side of the star and create symmetry. As you know all  these techniques will be easier after you'll see the pictures. In the end I attached a metallic ring and as usual a colorful red, yellow and blue rope  to each one of them.
     Enjoy the pics!

miercuri, 11 decembrie 2013

Christmas ornaments & decorations - Christmas tree quilled rings with metallic bells.

     It's a bit complicated this title, isn't it? You will realize how simple they are after this short breathing and of course after you'll see the pics.
     So, let's get some details. First of all I choose the color combination for each of the rings then I made a long snake, gluing together 9x3 mm wide A4 length paper strips, then I rolled all this on a plastic bottle (you make your choice according to the needs) in order to get the inner wanted diameter (in this case 4 cm to get the right proportion between the paper ring and the bell inside it. Carefully I glued all the length of the paper strip enough to obtain a compact paper ring, to be strong enough. Then I made the hanging system being the same for all the rings but respecting the color combinations. Then, each of them was uniquely decorated. After all of them dried, I sprayed them with Vernice in order to preserve the shapes and to give them more strength. When dried I attached two metallic rings and a colorful bell to each of the rings,  the three colors rope (as you already know the colors are the ones of the Romanian national flag: red, yellow and blue) and the result was the one you'll see in the pictures bellow.


luni, 9 decembrie 2013

Christmas ornaments & decorations - Snowflakes.

     Just continuing with decorations for winter season, this time coming with some quilled snowflakes in five models. For each model is a set made of six snowflakes (with diameters between 5 1/2 cm and 12 1/2 cm). For all of them I've used 3 mm wide paper strips. I attached to each one a metal ring and a colorful rope (red, yellow and blue-our national flag colors). All of them were treated with varnish for a better resistance and aspect.
     When I finished all, Santa came and had some rest on one of them.
     Well, that's all for the moment, see you next time.
     I'll let you enjoy the pics.

sâmbătă, 7 decembrie 2013

Christmas ornaments & decorations - Christmas tree quilled bells.

     Well, as the winter season has began already, Christmas ornaments & decorations are the most searched accessories, people got bored of their own and like to make changes every year, find some better ones, more beautiful and originals. According to this I decided to use quilling techniques for some new kind of decorations. I will not reveal now all of them, some non-quilling are from last year, even I still have some Christmas cards from then. Let's concentrate about today's topic: Christmas tree quilled bells. Started by gluing some 3 mm wide paper strips according with the chosen diameter (I've been used a metal mold to create the bell model so, the coil diameter must be a little bit more then the mold has), 2 1/2 cm for these ones, then make a well tight coil, glue the end and pass it carefully over the mold to create the accurate model, glue the interior when finished, let it dry, decorating each one with some elements like flowers, stars, trees, then make and put in place the thick copper wire hanger and in the end sprayed with varnish for more resistance. I made twenty of them, each having a three colored rope (Romanian national flag colors: red, yellow and blue). The Christmas tree is waiting for them.
     Enjoy the pics!

marți, 22 octombrie 2013

Further experiment, a new quilling wall.

     Came back with a new post, following the new way and ideas of making quilling walls. I can say this is a previous quilling wall's brother, with similar design, reflecting almost the same idea but with another look.