miercuri, 11 decembrie 2013

Christmas ornaments & decorations - Christmas tree quilled rings with metallic bells.

     It's a bit complicated this title, isn't it? You will realize how simple they are after this short breathing and of course after you'll see the pics.
     So, let's get some details. First of all I choose the color combination for each of the rings then I made a long snake, gluing together 9x3 mm wide A4 length paper strips, then I rolled all this on a plastic bottle (you make your choice according to the needs) in order to get the inner wanted diameter (in this case 4 cm to get the right proportion between the paper ring and the bell inside it. Carefully I glued all the length of the paper strip enough to obtain a compact paper ring, to be strong enough. Then I made the hanging system being the same for all the rings but respecting the color combinations. Then, each of them was uniquely decorated. After all of them dried, I sprayed them with Vernice in order to preserve the shapes and to give them more strength. When dried I attached two metallic rings and a colorful bell to each of the rings,  the three colors rope (as you already know the colors are the ones of the Romanian national flag: red, yellow and blue) and the result was the one you'll see in the pictures bellow.


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  1. I Love the ornaments! Bravo Marius! I must to say you thanks again for the instructions how to make these cute Christmas decorations. I like the original design of each ring. You are a very patriotic guy when you choose the colors.
    Hugs from Chile! :)

  2. Sunt foarte simpatice si originale! Felicitari, Marius!

    Happy Quilling!


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