duminică, 4 august 2013

Miniature flower pots.

     Long time ago I bought some miniature ceramic pots, 3 cm in diameter and 3 cm in height, plans to use them later. When their turn came I combined puched flowers with a bit of quilling in order to obtain some miniature flowers. For the stem I used metal wire coated with crepe paper, 160 gsm paper for the leaves  (they've been cuted manually with scissors) and punched flowers to make the petals. As well I used stained egg carton for the soil inside the pot, which has to be strong enough to suport all the stuff above so, I very well glued it around to make a common body with the pot. In the end everything was waterproof coated with varnish. This was the way I obtained couple of 7.5 cm tall miniature flower pots.

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