sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013

3D White grape.

     Finally an old idea cames true, the 3D white grape. I made the frame last summer for this quilling wall, thinking in that moment that I'll be finish it soon but fortunately wasn't like that. I said fortunately becouse In that moment the way I thoth this quilled grape was in a different way, far from the one I followed this time, I approached the idea that the grape begins to ripe, with green beads at he bottom and a rusted leaf and as well with a painted background I choosed to make in the last moment. Now I will let you wach the pictures.

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  1. Foarte reusit Marius! Acuarela din fundal si rama inchisa il fac sa arate deosebit! Frumos si original! Felicitari!!

  2. Hi.....

    I have passed a blog award to you as a small token of appreciation.. please check it in my blog and pass forward it to blogs that you like...

    God bless you

  3. i love the subtle olour changes in the grapes!!great piece!!


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